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This series of podcasts discuss topics of Category Management, supermarkets, and retailing. Together with the Grocery Guru Andrew Grant, Darren A. Smith challenges, shares, and interrogates current issues in the world of retailing.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Grocery Guru Episode 4: The New Grocery Code Adjudicator with Andrew Grant and Darren A. Smith

    Discussing the New Grocery Code Adjudicator Mark White has taken-over from Christine Tacon. What will the new grocery code adjudicator want from the named retailers? And will he name Amazon in 2021? ...


  2. Grocery Guru Episode 3: New Normal, New Holidays with Andrew Grant and Darren A. Smith

    How the New Normal May Impact Holidays In this episode of The Grocery Guru, we discuss the ‘new normal’ and how this is likely to affect Christmas. Touch challenges for our industry during Covid-19. ...


  3. Grocery Guru Episode 2: Category Management is Dead with Andrew Grant and Darren A. Smith

    Category Management is Dead Is Category Management Dead? In episode 2 of Grocery Guru, Andrew Grant and Darren A. Smith talk about how the pandemic has affected Category Management. Is it completely dead, dying, or changing into something else to adapt to the needs and demands of consumers? The age-old question. ...


  4. Grocery Guru Episode 1: Urban Fulfilment Centres Talk with Andrew Grant and Darren A. Smith

    Urban Fulfilment Centres In the Grocery Guru’s pilot episode, Andrew Grant and Darren A. Smith discuss Urban Fulfilment Centres and how it will affect the UK grocery industry. Find out what UFC’s are, and how they will impact the grocery industry. Tesco is first with Asda hot on their tail. ...