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We are the soft skills training provider to the UK Grocery Industry, helping Suppliers to win more business. They choose us because of our money back guarantee, our relevant experience, and because we make their learning stick.
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  1. E15 - The Five Laws of Retail with George Troy - Expert Interview

    E15 - Interview With Retail Business Consultant and Author, George Troy In this episode, I interview George Troy. George is a widely read blogger, author, and consultant focused on retail business communities, including online and brick-and-mortar stores. He has enjoyed decades of real-life experience as a senior executive for some of ...


  2. E14 - Digital Wellbeing with Mich Bondesio - Expert Interview

    E14 - Digital Wellbeing: Interview With Mich Bondesio from Growth Sessions In this episode, I interview Mich Bondesio. Mich is a business performance mentor, with a 20-year background in communications and project management. Her Growth Sessions mentoring programmes, workshops and talks support business people to build healthier cultures and develop ...


  3. E13 - Conscious Culture in a Time of Crisis with Natasha Wallace - Expert Interview

    E13 - Conscious Culture: Interview With Natasha Wallace from Conscious Works In this episode, I interview Natasha Wallace, the author of The Conscious Effect: 50 lessons for better organizational wellbeing. Natasha is also the founder of Conscious Works, a coaching company that helps leaders to lead consciously. ...


  4. E12 - Change Management with Professor Damian Hughes - Expert Interview

    E12 - Professor Damian Hughes: A Change Management Catalyst and Professor of Organisational Psychology and Change Read the Interview Transcript Below: Jo Palmer: 'We are doing an expert interview, and today I'm with Damian Hughes. We are talking largely about organisation development. So ...


  5. E11 - Don't Be a Cabbage Butterfly - Stop Task Switching for Better Time Management

    E11 - Don't Be a Cabbage Butterfly - Stop Task Switching for Better Time Management You start a task and another one comes up. You do that, and another one comes up. So, you then do that. Until - you guessed it - another one comes up! You are task ...