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We are the soft skills training provider to the UK Grocery Industry, helping Suppliers to win more business. They choose us because of our money back guarantee, our relevant experience, and because we make their learning stick.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. E20 - Effective Communication Skills with Suzie Parkus - Expert Interview

    E20 -  Effective Communication Skills: Interview with Suzie Parkus Suzie Parkus is a sought after motivational and educational speaker, trainer and soon to be author. Her expertise lay in all things communication, from interpersonal skills, relationships, emotional intelligence, networking intelligence and most importantly in today's day and age, how our state ...


  2. E19 - Team Building with Oliver Bailey - Expert Interview

    E19 - Team Building and Teamwork: Interview With Oliver Bailey from Harvest for Heroes The son of publicans from South London, Oliver Bailey attended Dulwich College school, leaving in 1994. Beginning his career in Recruitment, he founded his first businesses in 1998. He has since owned and acquired further businesses in ...


  3. E18 - Effective Presentation Skills with Paddy Willis - Expert Interview

    E18 - Effective Presentation Skills: Interview With Paddy Willis from Mission Ventures In this episode, I interview Paddy Willis. Paddy is Founder and CEO of Mission Ventures and has a passion for building better challenger brands. He was co-founder of disruptive baby-food brand Plum, which was sold in year five to ...


  4. E17 - Situational Leadership with Jay Raham - Expert interview

    E17 - Situational Leadership: Interview With 'The Magician', Jay Raham In this episode, I interview Jay Raham. Jay is an award-winning lecturer, consultant, and public speaker. With a vision to enhance the practice of leadership at a global level, so far he's worked with 7000+ aspiring managers in Mauritius, Malaysia, Indonesia, ...


  5. E16 - Change Management with Geoff Burch - Expert Interview

    E16 - Change Management: Interview With Bestselling Author and BBC Television Personality Geoff Burch Dynamic, exciting and fun, Geoff Burch is a business expert like no other. He is internationally known for taking a walk on the wild side of business and turning it into an engaging, entertaining and humorous presentation ...